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Sat 14th October: NUT HQ, Mabledon Place, London WC1 9BD

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This event enables teachers to share experiences, learn from each other
and debate Union policy about campaigns to achieve equality in the profession.

It is open to all teachers who define themselves as disabled and covers teachers
with cancer, HIV, MS, ME, Parkinson’s, epilepsy,
mobility, visual or hearing impairments, work-related stress, anxiety, depression,
as well as any other mental or physical impairment which teachers experience.

The Union believes teachers are disabled by the physical and attitudinal barriers
around them in society and not by the medical condition.

Individual teachers are the experts on their own impairment.

Disabled teachers believe “nothing about us without us”.

Your Wigan NQT Equalities contact is:
 Alison Tunnicliffe:
on 07971 222 862 or alison.tunnicliffe@yahoo.co.uk

We now run Equalities Evening Socials every half term as standalone events.
You are also more than welcome to attend our general Evening Socials as well.

Click here or click on the “Socials” tab on the left to see the full list

Socials Mail: alison.tunnicliffe@yahoo.co.uk?subject=Website LGBT+ query

Disability History Month (22nd Nov - 22nd Dec) website


Fri 30th June & Sat 1st July, Holiday Inn, Haydock
All accommodation and travel expenses paid for by the NUT.
Click this box when details above  for an application form and programme of events.

This website is no longer updated.

For the latest info, please go to: www.WiganNEU.co.uk