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(Newly Qualified Teachers)

“Welcome Events” - meet other NQTs, members new
to Wigan and NUT Reps.     FREE food and FREE drink!!

We send you a card in December towards the end of your first full term,
and a second one at the end of your NQT year, thanking you for being with us.

We send you the “NUT News” every month, an e-mail
that keeps you up to date with everything that is going on locally and nationally.

We offer identical support for £1 that longer-serving teachers pay full price for.

Statutory guidance for the induction of NQTs - revised Sept 2015

Statutory guidance for the induction of NQTs - revised Sept 2015.pdf
NUT Welcome Event 2016 - NQTs, new to Wigan and Reps - Wigan - Little 15 and Leigh - Nandos.pdf


Pay, pensions and conditions


Your Passport To Teaching

NUT NQT Guides, 2016-17:

NUT NQT Guide 2016-17 Induction.pdf NUT NQT Guide 2016-17 Pay pensions and conditions.pdf NUT NQT Guide 2016-17 Workload.pdf NUT NQT Guide 2016-17 Your Passport To Teaching.pdf

School Direct - Join your union

NUT NQT Guide 2016-17 School Direct - Join your union.pdf

Link to Wigan Council’s own “Support materials and forms” page

Wigan Council’s Induction Handbook for NQTs 2016-17

Wigan Council - Summary Induction Handbook for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) 2016-17.docx

Other support materials:

This website is no longer updated.

For the latest info, please go to: www.WiganNEU.co.uk