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Administrative / clerical tasks not to be done (from the STPCD doc)

Burgundy Book (Conditions of Service August 2000)

1: Template letter

2: Amounts (updated Dec 2015)

Leaving teaching - Ill Health / Resigning / Dismissal / Settlement Agreement
(was Compromise Agreement): the pros and cons of each - updated May 2016

Professional Standards: Excellent Teacher / Post Threshold / Core /
Qualified Teacher Status QTS / Advanced Skills Teacher AST
(Teachers’ Standards doc below replaces the QTS and Core Standards)

School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document (STPCD) - September 2016

Professional Standards for Teachers - Excellent Teacher, Post Threshold, Core, Qualified Teacher Status QTS and Advanced Skills Teacher AST.pdf

Teachers’ Standards - effective Sept 2012
(replaces the Qualified Teacher Status and Core Standards above)

Teachers' Standards - May 2012.pdf

Tax relief for teachers - NUT guidance - Aug 2012

“Fit Note” - what one looks like

Fit Note.docx STPCD Administrative and clerical tasks.docx Burgundy Book (Conditions of Service August 2000).docx Tax relief for teachers - NUT guidance - Aug 2012.docx STPCD 2016.pdf

Claim tax relief on your NUT / GTC subscriptions!

Tax relief rebate claim letter for NUT and GTC subscription fees.docx NUT and GTC subscription rates for website.docx

Ofsted guidance on what they DO NOT WANT - updated March 2015

Ofsted inspections - clarification for schools updated March 2015.docx Leaving teaching - Ill Health Resigning Dismissal Settlement Agreement.docx

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